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Member Miss Hannah Keeley
Miss Hannah Keeley
Merseyside United Kingdom
Hannah Keeley uses her background as a behavior therapist and her experience raising seven kids...
Member Miss Katie Marsh
Miss Katie Marsh
Lancashire United Kingdom
I'm Katie and I'm a 3rd year Media Production student, soon to be graduating. I have a passi...
Member Miss Lauren
Miss Lauren
Cheshire United Kingdom
As a Screenwriting graduate I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to take time to grow as a write...
Member Miss Sarah Goodman
Miss Sarah Goodman
Lancashire United Kingdom
I'm Sarah and I'm a 3rd year Media Production student, soon to  be  graduating. I ...
Member Mr Abdullahi Giza Abubakar
Mr Abdullahi Giza Abubakar
Lancashire United Kingdom
Member Mr Callum Spavins
Mr Callum Spavins
Lancashire United Kingdom
A highly motivated digital Marketing Management UCLan undergraduate. Specialising in digital mark...
Member Mr Eric Haworth
Mr Eric Haworth
Lancashire United Kingdom
I am currently enrolled on The More Programme a part of the Northern Lights business incubation prog...
Member Mr Ibrar syed
Mr Ibrar syed
Lancashire United Kingdom
A business coach who specialises in the art of shaping destinies of a score of entrepreneurial,...
Member Mr John Thompson
Mr John Thompson
Lancashire United Kingdom
I am interested in some volunteering post-retirement in October. ...
Lancashire United Kingdom
I am a retired art teacher, but  currently work part time as a support worker in Adult Mental H...
Member Mr Mr Kennedy
Mr Mr Kennedy
Lancashire United Kingdom
Mr Kennedy is a Radio & Tv presenter and also a fashion enthusiast. I am a sports developer with...
Member Mrs Irene Greaves
Mrs Irene Greaves
Lancashire United Kingdom
I am a Senior Lecturer at the University, where I have worked for the last 26 years and am currently...

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