Mandy-Jayne Lace

Mandy-Jayne Lace

Location: Wales | Wales

M-J qualified as a teacher in the early noughties and later a SENCO.  Psychotherapeutically trained, she is now retraining as a Social Worker and is a student member of British Association of Social Worker (BASW). 


Passionate about inclUSion, M-J  is a person with disabilities and she works with individuals who have lived experience of disability.   M-J is  a University Mentor, Study Skills Tutor and Job Coach.


M-J is the proud owner of a purple sparkly hand-bike and is currently training hard in readiness for a fund-raising cycling marathon (August 2023).


M-J has previous experience in the develop of health and social care, education and work-based community services in Yorkshire.  She also has three grown up children, all of whom were born and bred in Yorkshire, unlike M-J who began life in Royal Tonbridge Wells. She has moved to Wales to retrain in Social Work, but regularly returns to her home in Yorkshire to visit the children and the dogs.


Mandy-Jayne is passionately opinionated, particularly about equity, inclusion and accessibility and describes herself as someone who always (metaphorically) stands up for the underdog.  M-J is passionate, differently able, quirky, queer, neuro-divergent and loves to laugh.

Instagram @mandyjaynel