What our members, partners, allied organisations and individuals we work with are saying

I am honoured to become a member of the creative communities group and hope I can play an increasing role in supporting active citizenship, lifelong learning and regeneration throughout Lancashire and the UK though partnership, community engagement, building resilience and social justice.

- Alison Robinson
Chief Executive & Principal, Myerscough College & University Centre

‘This (CCG co-organised) event both informs, supports, provides practical help and insight to all who attend. Good keynote speakers, many advice agencies and a free health check make up an exceptional event.”

- Councillor Trevor Hart
Former Mayor of Preston, Lancashire (UK)

I’m proud to be a member of this great organisation. The creative community group is a model of best practice for active citizenship and lifelong learning on a global level. They believe in the power of partnerships and how working together can transform communities.

- Stephen Lowe
BBC local radio Lancashire presenter

The event (co-organised by the CCG) was FANTASTIC. My overall feeling was that everyone who attended had a great time.  The sessions I saw were so uplifting and there were also some great networking opportunities.

- CCG event attendee (UK)

‘We believe that there is real positive energy focused on the promotion of community wellbeing that can be released by bringing together a mixture of NHS (National Health Service), voluntary and community organisations (such as the CCG) in a joyful and informal celebration of healthy living. We look forward to many more years of developing partnership working.’

- Professor Romesh Gupta OBE
Chair of the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing (UK)

Russell Hogarth (CCG Chair) and Nigel Farnworth (CCG Manager) are two of the most inspirational men, I’ve ever had the privilege to hear speak.

- Emma McGarvey
Salford University (UK) Student after attending the ‘Towards A Better Tomorrow’ Workshop

Congratulations on the extremely successful conference (co-organised by the CCG). The eclectic line up of speakers was first class both in presentation and the freshness of subject matter and relevance. They were informative and inspiring.

- Malcolm Rea MBE
UCLan Honorary Fellow and former Chief Nursing Officer (UK)

“Russell and Nigel are excellent ambassadors for the CCG. Strong and sustainable new (EU) partnerships demonstrating that there is hope for British change-makers in the field of community education beyond Brexit (have been created by the CCG).”

- Julie Ward
Euro MP, Julie Ward