Language Based Event - UCLAN - 10am -4pm -26/7/19

Language Based Event - UCLAN - 10am -4pm -26/7/19

Jul, 23 2019

~The English language is the most common language spoken on an international level. But getting to the real core of the language takes considerable time and effort. There are words that are spelt the same but have a different meaning. There is also the comprehensive comparative nouns that take on the form of similes and metaphors. All of this is getting far too complicated, right? Specialised individuals who study the very nature of language look at material like this on a daily basis.

 Postgraduate research students and established researchers go under this bracket. In an upcoming event their investigative studies will be discussed for one day only.

‘Applied Linguistics and Transdisciplinary Impact :- Critical Perspectives and Opportunities for Research Development’ is taking place at UCLAN’S  Adelphi Building, Lecture Theatre 3 this Friday 26th July between the hours of 10am -4pm.

  During the day the following questions will be discussed in great depth :- What is the usefulness of research in applied linguistics? Who are the main beneficiaries? What real-world problems does the research address? How can the effectiveness of the research be measured, if at all?

The  British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL)and  Cambridge University Press (CUP) are sponsoring the seminar which will examine the above questions while also offering some practical advice on how best to deal with the impact agenda from the perspective of early career researchers, and will encourage reflection on applied linguistics and transdisciplinary research across a range of areas including :-

  • Target groups such as special educational needs
  • The disabled
  • Migrants and refugees
  • Children, families and parents
  • Communities,
  • Covering race, class, ethnicity and sexuality.

The following speakers will explore how applied linguists are working with real-world challenges across a range of disciplines such as health, politics, psychology and medicine. They will also look at  the implications of developments in artificial intelligence and other areas of digitally-media led  communication:-

  • Dr Oksana Afitska, Lancaster University
  • Professor George Tsoulas, York University
  • Professor Ulrike Zeshan, University of Central Lancashire.

The event  is free to attend with  light refreshments included plus the opportunity to engage with the public during the networking lunch.

You can register your interest by logging onto the following website ;-

Broaden your knowledge, step out of your comfort zone and embark on a day of language based learning :-

  • Applied Linguistics and Transdisciplinary Impact: Critical Perspectives and Opportunities for Researcher Development
  • Friday  26th  July, 10:00 – 16:00
  • University of Central Lancashire, Lecture Theatre 3, Adelphi Building, Preston Campus.

^Alex Ashworth