MusicBox - Kylie Minogue - Still Spinning Around

MusicBox - Kylie Minogue - Still Spinning Around

Mar, 7 2024

Following her stint in Australian soap opera Neighbours, our favourite antipodean Kylie Minogue ventured on a music career.

At just 19 she released the single ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ and she was extremely fortunate to have the pioneers of pop, ‘Stock, Aitken and Waterman’ to help her early rise to chart stardom.

There were bittersweet moments in her youthful career too. Teaming up with former Neighbours star Jason Donovan in which they shot an infamous scene of their wedding. It was life imitating art when rumours circulated of an off screen romance leading to the duet single ‘Especially for You’, reaching number 1 around the world.

By the mid  90’s Kylie was determined to shake off her innocence so a series of albums and singles were a demonstration of her pop maturity.

She joined the Parlophone label in 1999 and with that came a complete makeover and a reinvention of her sound to more dance infused music. This was echoed by ‘Light Years’ (2000) album and the lead single ‘Spinning Around’.

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Five years later she was diagnosed with breast cancer forcing her to cancel her Showgirl- The Greatest Hits Tour and her withdrawal from the Glastonbury Festival. Thankfully, she recovered well.

The next 20 years saw her –

  • Releasing best- selling albums
  • Appearing in musicals and films
  • As principal judge in reality TV shows
  • Working selflessly on philanthropic causes
  • Receive appointments on services to music

Kylie’s latest release was the 2023 album ‘Tension’. It brought big emotions to the dancefloor, much like it’s creator.

In March 2024, she received a Global Icon Award at The Brit Awards 2024 and performed a medley of her singles.

In 2012, Dino Scatena of The Sydney Morning Herald wrote about Minogue: "A quarter of a century ago, a sequence of symbiotic events altered the fabric of Australian popular culture and set in motion the transformation of a 19-year-old soap actor from Melbourne into an international pop icon."

Kylie is the definitive pop star with so many hit singles and albums under her  belt it must be a difficult task deciding which songs to choose when she goes on tour. She continues to be an inspiration to new and aspiring pop stars who wish to follow the similar path she started on back in the 1980’s.

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