Buildings of Distinction - The Preston Playhouse

Buildings of Distinction - The Preston Playhouse

May, 14 2024

Preston towards the end of the 1940’s was recovering from the aftermath of the second world war. Rations were high and poverty was rife. Yet amidst this time of uncertainty came a measure of hope. A central venue that kept spirits high when people were down. A place to call home when their usual sanctity was dire.

The Preston Playhouse has been established since 1949. It was transformed into a theatre following the war by Preston Drama Club. It has enjoyed a measure of success and popularity for almost 80 years.

Generous patrons have enabled it to soar providing a platform for drama and dance groups to produce highly professional shows, plays and performances over the years.

But the Playhouse is like a hidden gem in the city as it often gets overlooked by the side street from Friargate. As you enter the building you notice billboards either side displaying recent shows that have taken place, this gives a glowing reception to newly acquainted ones to the venue.

The bar is frequently used as the ‘chill zone’ for the actors and actresses during their rehearsal time. But it’s also a convenient time out period during the interval for a show.

It has to be stressed that those who participate in both the running and performing of the building are all volunteers. Their self –sacrificing hard work doesn’t go unnoticed as visitors will repeatedly acknowledge their collaborative effort.

The Preston Playhouse is a colourful building that brings light entertainment on an ongoing basis. Its busy programme highlights the great interest it generates in the city.

For more information simply visit the following website link –

If you click on the ‘about us’ section you’ll find out how you can get involved and a direct email to follow –up.

The Preston Playhouse is the beating heart that keeps the city alive by its many fantastic performances and talented thespians that really know how to entertain an audience.

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger