The Very Last Spotlight on CCG Members -Stephanie Lees Pinson

The Very Last Spotlight on CCG Members -Stephanie Lees Pinson

May, 1 2024

This month’s Spotlight on CCG Members is slightly bittersweet as it marks the last in a long running series. The series has given CCG members the opportunity to enhance their credentials and boost their status by an A4 page report on their profile.

I feel like it’s run it’s course now though and I have been known to repeat and sometimes report outdated information so these are signs that it should come to an end.

I’ll be discussing options as to a new feature with my work colleague and good friend chair of the CCG – Mr. Russell Hogarth.

For the final edition I’ll be looking at Preston based – Stephanie Lees Pinson.

Stephanie is very interested in the needs of those in the local community, especially those that may lack confidence or who have been out of work for a long period of time.

Her specialist skills have developed over a 25 year period. These range from the following –

  • Employability Learning Solutions - Basic Computer Skills, Getting Online, CV and Interviewing Skills;
  • Digital Communications - Planning, Design, Delivery and Implementation;
  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Bespoke Design; Exhibition and Display; Website Design; Brochures / Flyers / Postcards
  •  Supporting Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Community Users
  • Supervision of Volunteers

This skills are positively used as her official title, ‘Training and Employment Officer at Intact in Ingol.  It’s here where she can provide a wide range of support services and learning opportunities to help people get back into work, upskills or to feel socially included.

Steph understands primarily the concept behind what the CCG is all about as she concludes in the following statement –

“Coming from both creative and learning and development backgrounds, I have a strong affinity and belief in what the Creative Communities Group is trying to achieve. I am interested in volunteering and helping out at events, such as playing a key role in the volunteer team for Preston Health Mela back in 2015.”

Thank you to all of our fantastic members – without you The Creative Communities Group simply wouldn’t exist.

Looking forward to the next new monthly feature – watch this space!

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger