Spotlight on CCG Members - Lewis Ashworth - March 2024

Spotlight on CCG Members - Lewis Ashworth - March 2024

Mar, 1 2024

Learning about our history gives us a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ has invested some serious downtime into looking at the historical records of time gone by. Let us discover more about Lancashire based Lewis Ashworth.

Lewis has always had a real interest in historical research. This interest led him to study an MRes in History at UCLAN – Preston. He also achieved a first class honours in history and politics.

On the course, students were asked to write a masters dissertation on the subject of their choice. Lewis chose the British involvement in the Spanish Civil War(1936 – 1839). His writing gave particular focus on the varied involvement of five Lancashire towns.  It placed an emphasis on regional and localised studies in relation to the topic.

Following his war essay, Lewis decided to go down the route of genealogy, not just his own family but local historical studies too.

As a smart person he is able to adapt his interest to the radical and working class history routes of life whilst maintaining his focus with a cool sophisticated outlook.

 Bringing it all to the present day, Lewis is active in his local community by helping others. He has been a member of Barrowford Parish Council since 2019.

Five years later and he can look back on how much he has achieved as the future looks bright for Lewis Ashworth.

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger