This Grief Thing -St. Georges Shopping Centre- Preston- 10am - 5pm - 14/9/18 - 23/9/18

This Grief Thing -St. Georges Shopping Centre- Preston- 10am - 5pm - 14/9/18 - 23/9/18

Sep, 14 2018

~Grief. That overwhelming feeling of loss when you lose someone you love in death. This could take the form of a friend, a family member of a colleague at work. Either way it’s unpleasant and no matter how much concern you receive from others it cannot take away the pain of losing that precious person.

What if there was a situation that could promote conversations about grief to open up and share your emotions. Shops in busy town centres rarely have an opportunity to discuss personal matters as people are either browsing or buying. A shop which encourages conversations about grief to occur would be beneficial both for the griever and the considerate individual.

Beginning today, Friday 14th until Sunday 23rd September from 10am - 5pm is a project which invites people to think, talk and learn about grief. It takes place in a series of shops where people can have conversations, and buy clothing, badges, bags and condolence cards which show words and phrases like 'Make Space For Grief' and 'Grief Is Like The Weather' or 'Grief = Love'. These phrases can help conversations about grief to start. Everything is priced on a pay what you want basis.

‘This Grief Thing’ is designed for people who have experienced grief, and for people who haven’t. It gives people  a chance to remove the stigma and awkwardness surrounding death and grief providing an active voice to share and comfort those that are feeling the pain of losing someone they love.

Outside of the shop environment there are also ‘Grief Gatherings’ being held. Hosted by Sam and David, these will take place in the shop or in community spaces. It will last for a duration of 1 hour and a half and everyone is welcome.

Other people can organise their own grief gathering too. You can  invite your own friends, colleagues or family  and they can be located at home, at work, in a café or at your nearest local pub. Each host will be given a box that contains items from the shop, some thoughts about grief, and suggestions on how to facilitate a conversation about it.

You may also wish to visit They make performances, installations, films, books and digital art for adults and for children. Fevered Sheep are in association with ‘This Grief Thing’.

This Grief Thing is part of the Lancashire Encounter Festival programme. Lancashire Encounter an is an authentic voice for Lancashire, celebrating the breadth of the County's diverse cultural offer with high quality and high profile arts. Taking place every other year at the end of September, Lancashire Encounter sees the city of Preston buzzing with life and alight with creativity. The biennial event begins next Friday 21st September and concludes on the Sunday 23rd September 2018.

For now though look out for the shop in Preston City Centre and discover new ways of learning how to cope when you lose someone you love.

This Grief Thing
10-5pm, Friday 14th September to Sunday 23rd September

Can we Talk About It?
Come along and find out.

^Alex Ashworth.