The CCG Picture-Book - Episode 3 - '2014'

The CCG Picture-Book - Episode 3 - '2014'

Jun, 27 2020

Welcome to episode 3 of – ‘The CCG Picture-book – 2012-2020. This week I’m focusing on 2014.

At the end of 2013 life at UCLAN appeared to be running as usual. That was until royalty graced the building in January 2014 and it was a very special and unique visit.

It was by appointment of his Royal Majesty EZE Dr Joboson Anyabeledike Utchay JP that staff had the absolute privilege of meeting him.

The visit was made for a couple of reasons:-

  • To see his son Vincent who was, at the time studying for a Masters in Law
  • To discuss potential international business opportunities with the University.

As you can imagine staff were delighted and in awe of such a gentleman and they couldn’t wait to establish strong network links with this royal man.

Dr. Utchay had the opportunity of meeting two key people, which were:-

  • UCLAN ’s Director of International Affairs John Quirk
  • UCLAN Honorary Fellow, Community Engagement Ambassador and Chair of the University’s Creative Communities Group Russell Hogarth

Russell presented this highly esteemed man a commemorative plate to mark the occasion.

John Quirk spoke of the honour of having him visit UCLAN, the respect given to his son’s hard work and the prospect of working together,

“On behalf of the University I’d like to offer a warm welcome to HRM Dr Utchay and his family. We are pleased to see Dr Utchay’s son play such an active role in University life through his work as a student mentor and a member of the UCLAN Creative Communities Group. I look forward to further discussions with Dr Utchay about possible future collaborative opportunities.”

This was the day, seven and a half  years ago when a Nigerian Monarch was welcomed to Preston by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).

In the years since this took place Dr. Utchay’s son, Vincent has gone onto to leading the CCG  Nigeria and become a  key member in his home country.

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger