What our members, partners, allied organisations and individuals we work with are saying

Few of us at the time when we conceived the idea of the creation of a platform to create a bridge  between UCLAN and the local community ever imagined how quickly the concept would grow leading to the creation of the Creative Communities Group, not just nationally but international too.  The introduction of an understanding and a desire to develop the true meaning of Lifelong Learning and its application to the development of Active Citizenship has had a material impact today on the lives of many people.  My congratulations to all those who have made this possible as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of this achievement.  

- Sir Richard Evans CBE, FRAeS CCG member

Dear Russell, Thanks very much indeed for the update on UCLANCreative Communities Group 10th anniversary. It is great to see how UCLan has pioneered this work and once again on behalf of the board my thanks for all your good work on our behalf.    

- David Taylor CBE DL Pro Chancellor Chair UCLan Bored High Sheriff of Lancashire.

I was honoured when Russell Hogarth invited me to become a member of the Creative Communities Group. Originally a refugee from then Czechoslovakia it has given me an opportunity to get to know,befriend and encourage the link between Uclan and students from the Czech and Slovak republics. For the past number of years [minus covid] I now spend most of my time visiting schools and other organisations on behalf of the Holocaust Educational Trust talking about the reason for my arrival inthe UK in 1939.I hope to continue being a useful member of the group in whatever capacity may be required.  

- Milena Lady Grenfell-Baines MBE Honorary Fellow Uclan, Masaryk Silver Medal CCG member

From little acorns mighty oaks do grow… “Well done Creative Communities. Connecting academia to neighbourhoods and reaching out to those without a voice…” Lady MacGregor of MacGregor, Lord-Lieutenant of Dumfries. CCG member

- Fiona Armstrong, broadcaster and writer, UCLan foundation trustee

It is a pleasure to be a member of the Creative Communities Group, because of the valuable support of its participants and their desire to make an impact on society. Meeting and talking to like-minded individuals and attending various events has empowered me to build confidence, understand better the importance of continuous learning, develop empathy and storytelling skills.I am very proud to say that I know people and have friends from CCG, because all my interactions with them are extremely genuine, and I wish everyone in CCG all the best with their mission of making the world a better place and continuing to inspire others. Wow 10 years is a long time, but I am sure it’s just the beginning of it, thank you, Russell for your active role in the community and that you keep aspiring others to become better people, I think it’s very important. Best regards,  

- Valentyn Zlatohorskyi CCG member Ukraine

Creative Communities Group: a decade of achievement The establishment of the Creative Communities Group (CCG) in 2012 has led to remarkable University and Community partnerships and it's been instrumental in creating a model of best practice, education, and learning. Over the decade we have seen the number of community projects at both local and global level flourish, impacting the health and social disparities that have intensified during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The membership, partnerships and social justice approach has increased, with the European Union (EU) partners SOLIDAR (a cooperative worldwide network based in 29 counties) working in alliance for lifelong learning and active citizenship. I would like to congratulate the CCG on its 10th Anniversary, wishing CCG imminent success through a continuing focus on visual and performing arts, inspiring countless stories, and narratives to stimulate ‘innovation’ in its future work.

- Dr Nagina Khan, Scientist CCG member Canada

Although I live in Australia now, my family originally comes from Lancashire. So it gives me a great sense of connectedness to be a member of UCLAN’s Creative Communities Group. Creativity is reflected in so many areas of society today, and that is why it is important to celebrate the 10th anniversary of UCLAN’s International Creative Communities Group as it provides awonderful worldwide forum for delivering both creativity as well as a greater sense connectednessfor all its members.   Dr. Lynne Hardy DeWeaver, Dip.Ed. University of Technology Sydney, Master of Education, State University of New York, PhD Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW 

- Dr. Lynne Hardy DeWeaver CCG member Australia

I would like to congratulate Russell Hogarth, UCLAN Honorary Fellow and Community Ambassador on chairing the university Creative Communities Group over the last 10 years.Throughout this time the CCG has been a catalyst in helping to connect our university with the local community and support engagement events on campus, and in the city. Examples include,  The annual National Forum for Health and Wellbeing Health Mela.  The Stand Together against Racism [STAR] event.  Chairing and organising several UCLan equality, diversity, and inclusion conferences.  The One Billion Rising global dance event, to raise awareness of violence against women and children. And in 2019 introducing the Preston Mayoral Ball to UCLan, the first time the ball has been held on our campus.I look forward to supporting Russell and his CCG colleagues and I wish them continued success forthe future.  

- Professor Stjohn Crean
University of Central Lancashire CCG member