Susie Jones - Harris Live - 7.30pm -9.30pm - 4/9/19

Susie Jones - Harris Live - 7.30pm -9.30pm - 4/9/19

Aug, 23 2019

~Musicians today determine the venue for their gig based on the style and sound of their music. All the well  known acts choose places like the O2 or The Wembley Arena. But for the more locally based musicians they prefer a venue which is appropriate to the music they want to perform in.

The Harris Museum and Art Gallery is the perfect backdrop for singer songwriter Susie Jones to play her acoustic folk and Americana music to an appreciative audience.

The Harris Live shows have become a monthly staple since their inception in 2017. Now two years later Susie is about to light up for a rare hometown gig in the city centre of Preston, Lancashire.

Her band will play an acoustic set on Wednesday September 4th at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm with the concert concluding at 9.30pm.

Susie expresses her joy about the rarity of doing local gigs and the arduous hours in the studio,

“We don’t often do home town shows and have been recently spending time writing, recording and preparing for a new album release.”

Tickets are £8 via

A Preston singer-songwriter is preparing to perform at the Harris after-hours:-

  • Susie Jones
  • The Harris Museum and Art Gallery
  • Wednesday September 4 2019
  • 7pm -9.30pm.

^Alex Ashworth