Short Story Writing Course - UCLAN- Harris Building - 6pm -8pm- February- August 2019

Short Story Writing Course - UCLAN- Harris Building - 6pm -8pm- February- August 2019

Feb, 19 2019

~When a baby is born it’s first six months are vital in forming in a bond with mother and father, smiling and crying and in some cases saying it’s first word. The English language is by far the first forms of communication a baby will use when interacting with it’s parents.

As the baby grows into a toddler it will develop it’s usage of words and begin to have a fascination with how stories are written and how they are told.

Now as adults, we’re no longer babies but the creative gene we learnt as infants still plays a dominant role as we have matured through adolescence and into adulthood.

That being the case we will have a yearning to learn the  art of the short story and publish our own story in a six-month course with a specialist independent publisher and a published short story author.

A short story writing course is taking place from now until August 2019 starting this Wednesday February 20th between the hours of 6pm -8pm at UCLAN’S Harris Building in Room 311.

The cost of the course varies from the full course at £180 to the bursary place of £90. The course is suitable for beginners, students and more experienced writers.

Over the course of six months, students will spend evenings in structured workshops devising and developing narrative structures as well as the following seven  key points to consider :-

  • Types of story
  • Writing
  • Developing
  • Editing three short stories of your own
  • Receiving expert personal tuition
  • Peer-driven feedback
  • Feature in a Comma Press eBook.

For more information follow the link below to access the contact names associated with this course:-

Grow in your appreciation of creative writing over a six month period

  • Short Story Writing Course
  • Wednesday February 20th - August 2019 6pm – 8pm
  • University of Central Lancashire, Room 311, Harris Building, Preston Campus, PR1 2HE

^Alex Ashworth