UCLAN's Book Club 13/12/17 2-3pm

UCLAN's Book Club 13/12/17 2-3pm

Nov, 28 2017

~We all like a good book. Whether it’s on our holidays in the summer or some festive time out during December. Learning and reading fiction books is proven to improve your intellect and concentration abilities. Discovering new and exciting literature can expand the mind and broaden your horizons. It’s good to know then,  that in Preston there’s a monthly book club that discusses books of sheer volume and depth.

On Wednesday December 13th between 2pm-3pm in the afternoon the ‘Worldwise International Book Club’ is set residence again at UCLAN’S Adelphi Building at The Worldwise Learning Centre, Room AB108.

It’s an opportunity to review and celebrate a wide range of books in a relaxed and friendly environment. This month it is ‘Sphinx’ by Anne Garreta. This is a  beautiful and complex love story between two characters, the narrator, "I," and their lover, A***, written without using any gender markers to refer to the main character.

 Sphinx is a remarkable linguistic feat and paragon of experimental literature that has never been accomplished before or since in the strictly-gendered French language.

Worldwise International Book Club – Sphinx – By Anne Garréta (France)

Wednesday  December 13, 2pm – 3pm

University of Central Lancashire, Room AB108, Adelphi Building, Worldwise Learning Centre, Preston

Open your mind to explore your imagination and unlock your literary interest in reading.

^Alex Ashworth.