Spotlight On CCG Members :- Mr. John Richards

Spotlight On CCG Members :- Mr. John Richards

Aug, 1 2017

~~A veteran at his game and a highly skilled individual is the subject for this month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’. As both an entrepreneur businessman and publisher Mr. John Richards OBE DL is no novice at his specialist subject. Let’s discover more about this talented man.

John’s background lies with motor cars. In the past he has worked with the Chairman of the board of both Ford and Rover and he was a former Consultant to Benetton Formula One racing team. Recently John has been appointed CEO of a new British built supercar project called Zircon and he is the Chair of an advisory committee for Stewart international.

As both a successful author and publisher of Stagecoach he has since been the publisher of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh’s book ‘Competition, Carriage Driving’.  John has also written an epic romance novel set in St Petersburg, England and America, simply called ‘The Gods of Fortune’.

His other interests include travelling and horse riding. He has represented the British equestrian international team in four world carriage driving championships and European championships, and he was the former Chairman of the Carriage Foundation. John has globe trotted the world and he is an honorary Texan Citizen, granted by their Lieutenant-Governor.

In 2017 John can proudly say he is the current Deputy Lieutenant and former High Sheriff of Cheshire along with being a business entrepreneur and consultant supporter of the British Motor industry.

You’d think with having had such a varied and full life he’d be quite happy to put his feet up and rest a little. Wrong. Having read and appreciated the events and activities the CCG organises, John has joined the CCG to help new and emerging creative people with their ideas and projects by means of his wealth of talent, experience and contacts.

We warmly welcome Mr. John Richards to the CCG.

^Alex Ashworth