Hemingway Designs Presents :- The Green Hills Project

Hemingway Designs Presents :- The Green Hills Project

Mar, 29 2017

~Blackburn has  long been  known both for it’s college and thriving music scene. Away from the busy town centre though,  is an area that reflects more the rural side of Blackburn, Lancashire. And, in a new exciting concept developed by HemingwayDesign and a collaborative partnership between Preston based Kingswood Homes and architects ID Partnership comes a new community of barn inspired homes set around two interlinking village greens in Blackburn, simply known as Green Hills.

They have been  designed with the intention of both exterior and interior layouts. The houses will be situated amongst the rural environment and facing the open space.

It will appropriately reflect the surrounding views and will have innovative cycle ways and footpaths for the general public across Witton Weavers Way and a new community hub.

The overall goal is to provide 167 detached and semi-detached properties on the Livesey Branch Road. Approval has already been given  by Blackburn and Darwen Council with members giving their full support to
encourage light and open green space.

Hemingway Design has a 30 year reputation of delivering the very best in both urban and  rural creations. From collaborating with commercial giants such as Coca-Cola to creating fashion for established models like Red or Dead. They aim to deliver not despond. Targeting areas such as products, events and environments. They have won awards from housing in 2006 to regeneration in 2010.

Here are a couple of quotes from The Dreamland Trust and Design TFL giving us their full assurance and confidence of HemingwayDesign as an honest and reliable source.

“You are bringing real clarity to the project. It was like trying to plait fog till HemingwayDesign came along” - Jan Leandro, The Dreamland Trust

I would not hesitate to recommend HemingwayDesign to any other organisations seeking to engage in this very complex arena." - Jon Hunter Head of Design TFL

Green Hills in Blackburn is just one of the  many successful and life-enhancing designs that HemingwayDesign have brought to the table. You can read more about their work  by logging on to www.houseofhemingway.co.uk

The first phase of development at Green Hills is due to start early in 2017.

^Alex Ashworth.