Vintage By The Sea Reflection

Vintage By The Sea Reflection

Sep, 15 2016

~More than 40,00 people attended, it was a family friendly festival, it comprised of world class entertainment and there were craft workshops on site. You could be fooled into thinking I was reflecting on this years Glastonbury down south back in June.

Wrong. I am however, recalling the fourth occurrence of  ‘ Vintage by the Sea’  which was washed up amongst the shores of Morecombe on September 3rd-4th 2016. It’s primary base was at the distinguished Midland Hotel and other neighbouring sites around it which the weekend  of decadence and design took place.

Amongst the many attractions you could experience there were  moments of sheer brilliance. This included the eye catching vintage vehicles, the much loved Routemaster Bus Bar, brilliant walkabout street performance, free family entertainment and even more interactive making and craft workshops.

Councillor Ron Sands Lancaster City Council's Cabinet member for leisure, culture and tourism had the following to say about the success of the event and what it means personally to Morecombe and it’s people,

"In my 24 years in Morecambe I have never experienced anything that quite matches this year's Vintage by the Sea Festival which it is estimated to have attracted more than 40,000 to Morecambe for the weekend. We should never lose faith in Morecambe's intrinsic potential. This spectacular success of the event showed conclusively and convincingly that a real breakthrough has been made in bringing something unique and energising to Morecambe and which will be talked about for years to come”.

In addition, fashion designer and former resident of Morecombe, Wayne Hemmingway reveals how proud he felt knowing Vintage by the Sea was
set in his place of birth,

 "Vintage by the Sea has become a recognised fixture on the British cultural events calendar with superb programming and a truly diverse audience of all ages and from all backgrounds . Being born in Morecambe, it means a lot to me and my own family to see the seafront transformed as it will be again this September, we knew this is what Morecambe was capable of.”

To be part of the experience of Vintage by the Sea you really had to soak it all up and absorb it like a sponge. This included the music and dance, the fashion and beauty, food and drink, art and design and the vintage clubs.

Here’s what some of the press had to say in response to such a worthwhile event,

“An offbeat, cultural haven... If you’re looking for something a little different to the festival norm, take a look at the most stylish from this truly unique event.” - Elle

“Loved the atmosphere, the amazing attention to detail, the music, the fashions....everything was so inspiring. Our new favourite festival” - The Independent

 And, hopefully it can be yours too. That’s if you prefer a little something more sophisticated than perhaps watching The Prodigy headlining  Glastonbury.

Fore more information log on to :- where you also view a 1.34 video upon reflection of this years event. See you all in September 2017!

^Alex Ashworth