Rajas Of Rajasthan :- Live Music And Circus Performance

Rajas Of Rajasthan :- Live Music And Circus Performance

Aug, 16 2016

~Conclusions in life can occur in many forms. The ending of a relationship is usually bitter and twisted. The last track on an album keeps you intrigued until the final note. And the passing of a loved one marks their final steps in life and for some with the prospect of a new born, the beginning of another.

As a teenager I loathed the conclusion of the summer holidays. It meant going back to school and that was something I was neither fond of or enjoyed. Thankfully at Burnley Youth Theatre on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd September something much more fun than the new school term is coming to the North West.

In association with Love and Etiquette comes ‘Rajas of Rajasthan’ a Live Music and Circus Performance. Spearheading a credible performance art concept with  legendary group The  Barmer Boys, this contemporary vibe brings in Rajasthani folk and Sufi music. Combining the centuries-old musical traditions of the Manganiyars, which Mixed World Music described as “Creating a maximum groove with minimal means,” these guys certainly know how to put on a show.

The warm up act for the Barmer Boys comes, Circus Raj. A range of circus trained performers who  will set the stage a light with their diverse range of expertise. From dancers to illusionists and aerialists to acrobats. Audience participation is included as well with children and parents joining in the fun and displaying their own unique take on performance art. Workshops include dancing, singing, turban tieing, balancing pots, juggling, acrobatics, dressing up and playing percussion and harmonium.

In summary, day one takes place on Friday 2nd September which includes Circus Raj at 7pm and the Barmer Boys at 8pm. Day two initiates on Saturday 3rd September and commences at 12pm -4pm with Circus Raj Performance and Workshops.

Text or email for ticket reservation at booking@loveetiquette.com or text 07870 100 590. If you book early you can guarantee cheaper ticket and definite place. Saturday’s early bird is £10 and Sunday’s early bird is £5 with £20 for a family of four. Early bird tickets expire on Friday 19th August. Tickets will also be available to buy on the door.

Please note :- Snacks and refreshments will be provided throughout the weekend. A picnic area will be provided, in addition outdoor activities are weather dependent and free parking is available.

There’s no better way to end the school holidays than spending the weekend at Burnley Youth Theatre on Friday 2nd and 3rd September 2016,
 with ‘Rajas of Rajasthan’.

Book early to avoid disappointment.