Spotlight on CCG Members - Amirreza Nanaei - August 2023

Spotlight on CCG Members - Amirreza Nanaei - August 2023

Aug, 1 2023

When a student enters their third year of University life many doors begin to be opened and opportunities arise that helps to enrich the career path the student intends to take. This is true of this month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ – Preston based Amirreza Nanaei.

A couple of years ago Amir began a course in medical studies at UCLAN. He already had a deep interest in neurology, neuropsychiatry and surgery so the course was a natural step in which he is now three years in.

Now he has gained confidence and skills in this area he is able to successfully chair UCLAN’S “Society for Neurology, Neuropsychiatry and Neurosurgery” and is the secretary of the UCLAN “Surgical Society”.

Having been taught by professional lecturers this inspired him to teach also. Amir frequently teaches his peers in Neurology and has been invited to lead Neuroanatomy sessions in the UCLAN School of Medicine.

His student career has allowed him to contribute to clinical skills and suturing workshops in the university environment. During the term – time he works as a Student Ambassador at UCLAN.

This busy man leaves no time for rest or recreation. Throughout the holiday period, he works as a Senior Healthcare Assistant on wards, or as an Assistant Practitioner in Community Mental Health.

Clearly, Amir is a man who intends to give 100% back to the community. Outside his student life he also volunteers at a number of events such as health fairs and public health initiatives such as education of the general public in BLS.

The small portion of free time he does get he’ll be jamming and listening to records, hiking and playing chess.

Amir became a member of the CCG because he wanted to foster his passion for the community and to improve health literacy and public wellbeing through education and public health initiatives.

Take a look at his Linkedin profile -

We welcome Amir and look forward to following his journey as the years go on.

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger