Spotlight on CCG Members - Mandy Jayne Lace / M-J - July 2023

Spotlight on CCG Members - Mandy Jayne Lace / M-J - July 2023

Jul, 1 2023

In the modern era it’s relatively cool and sophisticated to put a new spin on a tired title. That’s true of this month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ – Wales based Mandy – Jayne Lace put she prefers to go by the slick abbreviated M-J.

M-J began life in Royal Tonbridge Wells. Presently she is the proud parent of three adult children all of whom were raised in Yorkshire. M-J moved to Wales to focus on her career in social work, however from time to time she returns to Yorkshire to see the children and dogs.

It was here in Yorkshire that M-J spent several years in the development of health and social care, education and work – based community services.

As she progressed, she found her feet within this sector and used her lived experience to carve a successful role as a teacher having qualified in the early noughties and later a SENCO.

M-J has returned to education to retrain as a social worker and is a student member of British Association of Social Worker (BASW)

She speaks passionately about inclusion and as someone with disabilities you can’t imagine anyone more understanding of others who have a disability.

Her titles include –

  • University Mentor
  • Study Skills Tutor
  • Job Coach

Unique, original and highly motivated to make a difference. This is true of her  fund -raising cycling marathon taking place next month – August 2023. Her purple sparkly hand-bike will be guiding her to a much -loved charity close to her heart.

M-J remains vocal about serious matters such as equity, inclusion and accessibility and describes herself as someone who always (metaphorically) stands up for the underdog.

Friends, family and loved ones will always remark on her passionate character, her originality, wonderful sense of humour and her unique outlook on life.

MJ is definitely a force to be reckoned with. We look forward to following her adventures over the coming years within the CCG.

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger