Who is This?Episode 3 - Nigel Farnworth

Who is This?Episode 3 - Nigel Farnworth

May, 23 2020

Welcome to the penultimate episode of ‘Who is This?’In the third instalment I’ll be looking at an individual who makes sure everything runs smoothly, Preston based Nigel Farnworth.

Like all good things in society it needs somebody to direct the operation. Nigel manages the CCG and during his time in office he has written two books and contributed to the CCG Creative Pathways to Education book as of 2015.

His most recent work included a blog on the FA Cup and he is currently in the process of writing ‘The Mindset of the Creative Entrepreneur’ by interviewing established business people to see how they differ from those who choose to be employed.’   

As well as being accomplished in his profession he is also highly qualified within the mental health sector.

He has worked on 'the role of the social worker in adult mental health' at Whitehall and various UCLAN Equality and Diversity Conferences. Nigel has been able to attend and present at the following educational institutions:-

  • World Social Work Day at Kings College London
  • The North West Samaritan’s Conference - Lancaster University
  • UCLAN  and Huddersfield New College;
  • 'Towards a better tomorrow' (Personal Mental Health Experiences -Salford University and UCLAN regularly. 

This unique interest in mental health led Nigel into being an Integrative Psychotherapist and he has worked in four areas including his own Private Practice these include:-Fylde Coast Counselling, Cruse Lancashire, Lancaster University and Solve.

Nigel’s approach to teaching sees him using new and innovative techniques these range from the following:-

  • Juggling
  • Music
  • Storytelling
  • Metaphor
  • Role play

These skills have been utilized in his role as a qualified  Post 16 Lecturer. He has taught at Runshaw and Blackpool and the Fylde College. He now sits comfortably as a Lecturer at UCLAN.

Clearly this is a person with an objective in mind. Nigel isn’t in this life for himself. His apparent dedication to his work reveals the very depth of his persona and his determination to make people’s lives that much better.

This is summarized well in the closing sentence from Nigel himself,

“I use my counselling and coaching skills to help students establish their readiness to start their own entrepreneurial adventures”.

Thank you Nigel for all your hard work, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

^Alex Ashworth CCGUK Blogger