Who is This? Episode 1 - Philip Parramore

Who is This? Episode 1 - Philip Parramore

May, 10 2020

Welcome to ‘Who is This?’ A new  four part series which will look at several key figures who are  running the ship, so to speak of The Creative Communities Group. In this first episode I’ll be looking at Philip Parramore.

Philip lives in Brookfield, Preston where he has spent the last couple of months working from home due to the corona virus outbreak.

His work consists of helping people establish their own businesses as an independent business start up and growth advisor under the name ‘GuideDotYou’. Philip focuses his work on the following three categories:-

  • Business Planning
  • People Skills & Performance
  • Project Management

The goal for every client under the GuideDotYou programme is to manage change, remove barriers to growth and plan to eradicate weak performance.

The organisation is person – centred so they will really understand you and your business. This is demonstrated by their personalised, bespoke support services which hone in on your skills achieving the best possible business results.

Philip has these honest yet encouraging words of reassurance for anyone considering starting up a small or medium sized business,

“I'm very aware that many people face challenges and barriers to being employed, including those associated with protected characteristics such as age, race, gender and disability.  So I support people who have the talents, skills and desire to succeed.  And they they will achieve as long as they benefit from the correct levels of support and guidance.”

Find out more on their website www.guidedotyou.co.uk

As Director of Creativity and Public Imagination for the Creative Communities Group, Philip strongly believes that communities should be socially inclusive. 

There are four specific areas in which forging strong links with the community can help you, they are:-

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Motivation
  • Improved general and mental health
  • Reduced psychological distress.

Philip has the positive ethos that getting people involved in a variety of community roles either on a voluntary or work based level will definitely improve the overall quality of their life.

Encouraging those that wish to try something new or to take part in already established annual events is a role that Philip strives to do continually. These may range from the following positions:-

  • Volunteer co-ordinator for Health Melas in Preston and Leyland http://www.nfhw.org.uk/nfhw/
  • Co-ordinator for exhibitors at UCLan Diversity Conference Fringe event
  • Participation at events including Best Of Britannia, One Billion Rising, Preston Soup, World Holocaust Day, Vintage By The Sea
  • Organisational support for building the CCG membership, Health Melas and Standing Together Against Racism (STAR) event. 

When lockdown is over Philip will be returning to his busy occupation, helping people start up their own business, this will see him travel across the UK, getting involved in conferences, discussions and teaching to an appreciative audience.

His role as Director of Creativity and Public Imagination for the CCG still remains and when a level of stability is in place we’ll be looking to Philip for some new suggestions when it comes to events and how to go forward.

^ Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger