Spotlight on CCG Members- Becky Higham

Spotlight on CCG Members- Becky Higham

May, 6 2020

Reaching out to the community by the power of dance and music is a unique gift. Having the energy and enthusiasm to create a feel good environment isn’t something we can all naturally give. This month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ has achieved such a feat. Let us learn more about Preston based Becky Higham.

Becky began teaching a dance class at the local gym. Following a year of high kicks and slick moves, Becky moved on to setting up her own freelance community class.

Going solo proved trying but Becky didn’t give up. At times it appeared the classes were minimal but thanks to her smart advertising skills determination paid off. Four years on from her shaky start she is now teaching over 100 people in a two hour period.

Becky has had some excellent feedback from her classes too. Many members comment on how the class has improved their life and how their overall mental and physical health has got so much better.

People assume the classes are solely for women but Becky can testify and say the following three groups are also included:-



Learning Difficulties/Disabilities

This clearly indicates that with the right instructor anyone can Zumba.

Please note:- Becky is running a zumbathon for baby beat appeal at Royal Preston Hospital – Saturday 11th July 2020. I am not entirely sure if this event is still going ahead with the corona virus still amongst us but if it is you can guarantee Becky will be raising as much money as possible.

Becky has been teaching Zumba for the past five years now and I can imagine going forwards will prove difficult but thanks to modern technology am sure Becky will be utilizing the zoom functions online to get everybody dancing over the summer season.

^ Alex Ashworth CCGUK Blogger