Danielle Shull

Danielle Shull

Location: Atlanta Georgia | USA

Danielle Shull

Danielle lives her life surrounded by stories.

As a writer, mother and student social worker, she is the proud keeper of stories from many perspectives.

From Atlanta Georgia USA, she’s come to Scotland chasing family roots and, along the way, found a home of her own.

Danielle’s passion is rooted in creativity and curiosity. 

At the centre of her exploration of social work is a global lens on a simple question: “Why?”

Why- are we here?

Why- are we doing this?

Why- did this happen?

Why- does it feel this way?

Why- have we made these choices?

Social work is more than cases, legislation and decisions. Through creative application of story, psychology, support and a healthy dose of humanity,

Danielle hopes to show up in spaces where she can make a difference.

She has published opinion pieces on music, fiction, compassion and bereavement across a number of international publications and hopes to continue to expand her repertoire of publications and creative questions through her blooming social work career.

Danielle is currently a student ambassador for the British Association for Social Workers (BASW), a student at the University of Dundee, the proud mother of two children who love having a home in two countries, and hoping to see this list of spaces she belongs expand through connection and empowerment along the way.

She currently lives in Scotland with a special interest in furthering her knowledge of the unique and changing landscape of Scottish (and more broadly, British) social work and its impact on the world. 

Twitter https://twitter.com/butwhydanielle

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniellemakeswords/