Richard Crake

Richard Crake

Location: Preston | UK

I am a student at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, currently studying a degree in Business and Marketing. I am in my third year having recently completed a year long industrial placement at Skipton Building Society.

I like to challenge myself and expand my knowledge and interest in the field of marketing, aiming to have a career within the marketing sector. I have had a range of experiances, working in the public and private sector, having networked with indaviduals such as Mark Carney and many others I am eager to share and knowladge.

Over the past ten years I have been working as an Autism Advocate, where I go and speak to audiences about what Autism is, what Autism isn’t and try to raise awareness in a light-hearted, humorous but factual manor. This is because I have a form of high functioning Autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. Having read many books on the condition, received certification from the National Autistic Society and the University of Kent combining that with my own thoughts and experiences I am able to give a unique perspective to those who hear my talks.

Always interested to network with others, to broaden my knowledge and skills, please feel free to connect with me.