Amy Eckersall

Amy Eckersall

Location: London | UK

Eckersall Rose is an art consultancy based in London. We work passionately to enhance people’s wellbeing through artwork and related aspects of interior design, and we truly love what we do.

Our goal is to carefully match art to a person or company’s philosophy in order to create a desired atmosphere. This results in an improved sense of balance, health, inspiration, flow and ultimately, happiness. We also design aspects of the interior surrounding the art in order to support the above and create a full experience. 

​Our clients light-heartedly refer to Amy as the ‘Art Doctor’ - this always puts a big smile on our faces!  

Founder Amy Eckersall has an innate flair for recognising what makes every piece of work unique to artist and audience. A graduate of Southport Art College, she has a lifelong interest in art and interior design, and an appreciation for aesthetic spaces.

Amy also has a background in public relations and has worked with high-profile artists and musicians, including the The Rolling Stones.

These experiences inspired her to set up a consultancy working closely with artists and clients to create an aesthetic balance of art and space individual to each relationship. Eckersall Rose is the result.