Preston Social Forum

Preston Social Forum

Location: Preston | UK

The Social Forum is an opportunity for people with an interest in the city to get together and discuss and influence issues around equality and fairness in Preston. Interested parties may be:

  • trade unions
  • students
  • voluntary organisations
  • religious organisations
  • pensioners
  • environmental groups
  • tenants

The group has been set up with an aim to promote the 'Fairness Agenda' which includes the following topics:

  • affordable housing
  • living wage
  • co-operative
  • credit unions
  • community asset transfer
  • workforce representation
  • green energy initiatives

The group will look at, amongst other things, the establishment and promotion of Credit Unions and implementation of the Living Wage in Preston. It will also consider green energy initiatives and look for opportunities for the wider community through renewable energy. 

This is a community led approach seeking improvements in Preston in a range of areas including wage levels and housing. The council will assist the group and will help these improvement issues to be discussed in Preston and kept under constant review.