Pietro De Luca

Pietro De Luca

Location: Messina | IT

Managing Director ItalfoodUK Limited.
 Extensive Italian Food Network built over a number of years in sourcing, manufacturing of traditional, convectional,organic, 'free from' Italian products mainly for the EU,UK & IRE markets. A 'Private Label' specialist,sourcing solutions, have a network of Italian food & drink producers. Strategic partners with the commitment to be the best by being innovative and active, pursuing new avenues of product development, and manufacturing products open to all food markets. Our products are 100% natural  and healthy but most of all truly 100% Italian


Managing Director Cibondo Ltd

Is a new... soon to be launched... digital platform for food. A platform for learning, engaging and exchanging, creating and sharing.
A forum for the Catering and Hospitality education sector.
Open to all food education, schools, colleges and universities to showcase and broaden the horizons of future food masters and leaders.
A network for the professional chef, the student, the employer, the food supplier and the producer.
A window to the world to showcase, skills, recipes, food products, food history and cultures.
A community with the same passion, promoting, , working, developing and embracing  different foods, techniques and the love of food from around the world.
Cibondo meaning ‘Food World’ an online food networking and micro blogging service.
Its name derives from the Latin words ‘Cibus and Mundus’ in modern Italian ‘Cibo and Mondo’ fused together to make the name CIBONDO ‘Food World’.



Community & Vocational Chairman Rotary Club of Leyland
The Rotary Club of Leyland was formed in 1954. It is part of Rotary International which is a worldwide organization, and was formed 95 years ago in America.
Wherever in the world there is a catastrophe or disaster you will find Rotary is able to respond, with ‘Shelter Boxes, Aqua Boxes, Medical and personal supplies.
Rotary has ongoing projects i.e.. helping to vaccinate 2 billion children against Polio.

The Club is proud to be the pioneer of the 'Health Mela' within the Rotary movement. Now embraced by Rotary International at district levels as a worthwhile community project.


How to get to the heart of your local community.......Health Mela....MOT for Health & Wellbeing


Whatever your race, culture, religion or colour, we all have one interest in common. That is the health and wellbeing of ourselves, family and friends.
The brainchild of Leyland Rotarian, Prof. Romesh Gupta OBE MD FRCP MBA In cooperation with the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing.