Mr Norman A Suchorzewski

Mr Norman A Suchorzewski

Location: Oswaldtwistle | UK

Norman holds a BA (Hons) humanities degree, where, care, counseling and psychology played an important part of the degree and plays a significant role in his life.

He comes from an Electronic Engineering background, a subject he now teaches within an aerospace environment.

For many years Norman used his spare time volunteering his services in running Children Clubs, he was heavily involved in youth work, he taught IT within the community and offered a counseling service.

Norman is also a fully qualified Level 2 Coach in Archery. He was previously one of Archery GB’s Academy Performance Coaches., before setting up his own high performance Archery Academy in Accrington. He gained a lot of knowledge and experience working with a group of young athletes alongside Archery GB’s Olympic coach, preparing them for the World Stage and both  the 2016 and 2020 Olympic games.

To his credit, Norman has already coached over 500 beginners,  introduced archery to over 2000 people in schools and at club and county events.  One of his junior archers was the winner of the first Academy Cup, who now shoots on the Junior World Circuit and achieved Gold at the International Archery Festival where over 40 countries were represented. Several of his young athletes have also reached the highest classification in their age groups, gaining their Junior Master Bowmen awards.

Norman believes that his volunteering work along with his degree, working with both young and older people, his understanding of 'How people work and think' and his engineering background, has  helped him to understand human mechanics (Bio-mechanics) and enabled him to get the best out of people both physically and mentally.