Free Acting Class - Cardinal Newman College - 20/1/19

Free Acting Class - Cardinal Newman College - 20/1/19

Jan, 10 2019

~Most parents would label their son or daughter a drama queen. This could result in their reaction to when their told to tidy their room or do their homework. But what if their homework was to practise a speech in front of the class or to rehearse a set dance performance piece with their peer group.

Yes your drama queen could be much more than just a forgettable name. Initiate Theatre are holding taster workshop at one of Preston’s  established colleges.

Cardinal Newman College are staging a one day class on Sunday 20th January. ‘The Acting Academy’ will introduce young people between the ages of 11- 18 to the world of acting and performance. Admission is free you just need to have an interest in drama as well as the ambition, vision and confidence to see your dream become a reality.

Mr. Andrew Sumner, a professional actor, director and drama tutor who specialises in Shakespeare and Antonin Artaud will channel the group’s energy and provide them with essential skills which, if they so desire can be implemented at a future drama assessment. He explains more about the group and how it will hone in on each and every individual person’s needs and theatrical ability,

“The new school is based at Cardinal Newman, we wanted somewhere prestigious in the City, as we will aim to be the top school in the area. Places will be limited so we can provide quality time for every student, and we’ll work on acting for camera, for theatre, and training the voice. Our teaching methods will cover many different dramatists, practitioners and their techniques, and we will provide students opportunities to work towards LAMDA exams. But most importantly, we’ll provide the students with lots of opportunities to perform, and put their study into practice. As well as large scale productions, the students will have the opportunity to showcase their talent in small cast plays.”

The first production by Initiate Theatre will be Romeo and Juliet in the summer. Registration for the taster session, which is from 2pm to 5pm, is via the Initiate Theatre website or by calling 01772439009.

A new acting academy is starting up in the city. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity for children and teenagers:-


  • Cardinal Newman College
  • Acting Academy
  •  Sunday 20 January 2019.

^Alex Ashworth