Vintage By The Sea Reflection 2/9/17 -3/9/17

Vintage By The Sea Reflection 2/9/17 -3/9/17

Sep, 5 2017

~Vintage :- denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind.

Last weekend ( 2nd and 3rd September 2017) Morecombe was treated to a specific vintage which encapsulated the magic era of the 1920’s with sheer chic and style.

‘Vintage By the Sea’ returned for it’s 5th consecutive year. The award winning two day jamboree captured the people of Morecombe  enjoying many of the weekends festivities including the heritage bus rides, the classic car show and the vintage fairground for the younger ones amongst us.

But this isn’t simply a one off celebration that acknowledges a particular era. Vintage by Hemingway is curated by the creative designer and innovator Wayne Hemingway. Wayne and his talented team have pulled off similar events to ‘..By the Sea’, including a party for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to a New Year celebration combining music and dance.The Vintage curatorial team bring an unparalleled authenticity and attention to detail to the Vintage experience.

Vintage by The Sea is no different. Last weekend was an overwhelming success and the people who attended as well as the organisers involved can readily acknowledge the sheer planning and skill gone into pulling off such an enjoyable treat to the people of Morecombe and visitors who may have travelled some distance to attend the two day event.

With music exploring the themes of Lindy Hop, the twist and Northern Soul. Fashion and Beauty portraying work from the 1920’s to the 1990s. Art and Design providing people with the chance to create their own unique design or learn new skills in an acceptable environment. There was also  the fortunate chance of serendipity. Discovering special treats that make your ‘Vintage by the Sea’ a unique experience.

Over the two day weekend  many were also able to enjoy the Routemaster Bus Bar which captured the 1960s’ era brilliantly. Refreshments were also available in the form of afternoon tea and festival street food.

In addition the ‘Gatsby Girls’ gave us their take of the golden age with dancing prowess as they shimmied on the dance floor. Fleeting by artist Alex O’Toole saw travellers arriving at Morecombe Train Station welcomed by maritime ballads and sounds cape. Finally the Bradford to Morecombe car rally was a real feat as many vintage vehicles rallied to display their cool appearance and finesse.

So overall it was a marvellous weekend. The CCG would like to thank all who attended and the hard work gone into planning and organising it. Big thanks to all at The Vintage team.

This Thursday - Sunday ( 7th -10th September ) is Heritage Open Days at Morecombe Bay. For more information follow the link :-

For further information about The Vintage Experience follow the link below:-

See you all next September 2018.

^Alex Ashworth.