Tea Tasting UCLAN 12/9/17 - 13/9/17

Tea Tasting UCLAN 12/9/17 - 13/9/17

Aug, 28 2017

~I think it’s fair to say there are two types of students at a University environment. One type is the hedonistic party going spend all your money in the first week set of students. The second type is the studious, ambitious, tea drinking bookworm that soaks up University like a sponge and may even desire to return there after a year sabbatical. The latter may wish to attend the following event.

The SU team have organised a tea tasting session as an opportunity to experience a wide range of teas and get to know your fellow students as part of a Freshers social.

The first one takes place at UCLAN  on Tuesday 12th September  at 4pm. The following one continues on Wednesday 13th September  at 8pm.

It’s an opportunity to determine which tea you like the best and break the ice as it were whilst increasing your confidence around the University domain and it’s many staff and students that frequently visit it.

It will take place at the SU opportunities Centre, if your unfamiliar with the area am sure there will be student reps or course leaders around the University campus to direct you.

For more information please email :- giveitago@uclan.ac.uk

Tea Tasting Social :- 12/9/17 - 13/9/17. For the benefit of new and existing UCLAN students.

^Alex Ashworth.