Barbara Windsor Switches On Blackpool Lights

Barbara Windsor Switches On Blackpool Lights

Aug, 25 2016

~It’s that time of the year again, no I’m not referring to the early Christmas card found at your nearest garden centre, I am however acknowledging a long tradition that has been a blueprint for a town noticeable for it’s ice creams and donkey rides.

The Blackpool lights switch on is happening once again quite soon, next week to be precise. This year Carry On star and former Eastenders barmaid Dame Barbara Windsor will be giving us a cheeky smile and laugh and she switches on the towns most recognised trait in a  ceremony that has been going for some time.

In the past it’s lights went  ‘Blue’ for England’s coolest boy band. It’s also seen ladies go red when Chris De Burgh popped in one year to switch on the lights.

It took forever for ‘Eternal’ to light up the now legendary procedure. And when David Tennant dropped by one year we didn’t really know ‘Who’ he was yet  Blackpool made a huge transformation from becoming a brighter town.

So Barbara Windsor won’t be going to Manchester with  Grant and Phil, instead, however, Blackpool is one the cards   to soak up the sun and turn on the lights. See you down at the pier Babs!

^Alex Ashworth