Huddersfield Mental Health Conference June 27th 2016

Huddersfield Mental Health Conference June 27th 2016

Jun, 21 2016

~It has to be said that physical ill health is more visible to the eye than mental ill health. We may have an appointment to see the doctor regarding a cold, a throat infection or something more serious that can be treated. An internal problem though, conditions associated with the mind cannot always be seen and may need a specialist such as psychiatrist to diagnose the problem.

On Monday 27th June 2016 you can experience a Mental Health and Wellbeing conference staged at Huddersfield New College. Their mission is to provide the best inclusive education and the best care, by the best people, in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment, to enable their students to achieve their best, and to progress with confidence to the next stage of their lives.

Next Monday you can discover a conference that uses creative channels, preventative methods and a five year forward thinking plan. It all kicks off in fine style at 8.45am - 9.15am with conference registration and refreshments. Maria Dean, Russell Hogarth and Nigel Farnworth will then proceed with a welcome address and introduction. Russell has accreditations as UCLAN Honorary Fellow and Chair of the Creative Communities Group, Nigel has a psychology background and is the coordinator of the Creative Communities Group.

At 9.25 - 9.30am Molly Case will address the theme on ’Nursing the Nation’ she is a spoken word artist, writer and nurse. ( more details on Molly later this week )

For the next hour two speakers who spoke at last years Diversity Conference at UCLAN repeat their succinct delivery with ’Creating Mentally Inclusive Communities :- Embracing Distress as Part of Everyday Life :- presented by Dr. Rachel Perkins OBE.  Jacqui Dyer, Vice Chair of National Mental Health Task Force will then follow suit with the talk Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.

 By 10.30am Molly Case returns with the five minute piece ‘The Things You Own’ followed by an interval, refreshments and then workshops.

The workshops take up a good hour between 11am -12noon. Covering aspects such as the use of spoken word to raise awareness of mental health issues, coping with dementia delivered by Denise Parker (Senior Lecturer in Mental Health, Liverpool John Moores University), Paul Gittins & Kristina Mann (Zero Space Design)

Living with Psychosis discussed, in length by Dr. Matt Dickinson ( Senior Lecturer at UCLAN). Using film in mental health for positive change creatively handled by Hannah Chamberlain (CEO Barrage Media – health and social care consultant)

Personal narratives on coping with depression explained and examined by Emma Fisher (Counsellor, Labyrinth Therapy Services) & Lakshmi Baker (Malaysian News Reader & Miss India)

Anxiety and depression plus their links to self esteem, a personal narrative sensitively delivered by Nigel Farnworth (Psychology Bsc hons, Postgraduate Integrative Psychotherapy, Coordinator of Creative Communities Group)

Recovery :- Does the inpatient environment make a difference? Positively dealt with by  Jenny Gill (Chair of Design in Mental Health Network and Mensa)
Finally in the workshop programme, Russell Hogarth provides a moving reflection  of  his life and his inspiration to others in ‘Towards a better tomorrow - a personal journey and the road to recovery and well being’.

The conference takes a short break for lunch at 12noon then resumes activity at 1pm.
ENACT :- A fictional case study takes us through till 2pm. This is an Interactive session to allow delegates to explore potential signs of mental distress and the  best practice around what to do about it!

For an hour and a half well being sessions are taking place. There will be nine in total consisting of mindfulness, meditation, QiGong, Art Therapy, Stress based reduction mindfulness, tai chi and yoga. The sessions range from two 45 minute sessions to one 60 minute session. You will need to book a place to confirm a session.
At 3.40- 3.55pm The Conference reaches it closure. Russell Hogarth and Nigel Farnworth who opened the event will also close the afternoon.

Enjoy the association of like minded individuals who can appreciate the stress and anxiety you or maybe a loved one is currently going through. Share your concerns, relax and take in the surroundings into what will be a truly uplifting and beneficial day to be had by all in attendance. Monday June 27th 2016, 8.45am-4pm at Huddersfield New College.