STAR Prelude March 18th -20th 2016

STAR Prelude March 18th -20th 2016

Feb, 4 2016

~When you think of the abuse and discrimination in the world today, where do you believe it exists? Would you sit next to a gay man on a bus? Would you talk to a woman who has been physically hurt by her husband?

I am hoping you would say yes on both counts but another hate crime has taken place both in the UK and abroad. The issue of racism. Do you believe that African, Indian or Nigerian to name but a few have a right to live and remain in England and not tolerate verbal or physical hatred thrown at them because of the colour of their skin?

If the answer is an affirmative YES! The you’ll be delighted to know an effective campaign has been occurring in Preston for the past couple of years. STAND TOGETHER AGAINST RACISM.

So what is the goal of this inspiring event :- to raise awareness about the insidious effects of racism and highlight the positive influence of diversity of cultures and communities.

Additionally this event seeks to build a strong, robust coalition of support against racism. In a 25 year duration racism has continued throughout the city of Preston.  This hate crime affects both individuals and groups that wish and desire to be respected for their choice of life and their colour of skin.

Over a three day period STAR  has brought music and culture to the streets of Preston. In the past it has comprised of stalls, stage and presentations in the form of drama, music, dance, short films, music elements and speakers throughout the days. Music bands have performed in genres such as soul, reggae, hip hop, indie, rock, spoken word, tabla and sitar.

There has also been a mass choir with young people collectively singing projecting their thoughts about racism into song and using visual arts to portray their campaign.

Last year saw a great number of people enjoy the Salsa Northwest, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bollywood dancing, steel band, dance syndrome, Preston’s College basketball team and local artists coming along to play their music.

This years event will take place from 18th -20th March 2016. The 18th March event will be scheduled to begin at 6pm at the 53 Degrees Venue, UCLAN. Keep following regular updates at for more information.

The four key areas that this inspiring event has the confidence it will achieve are :-

* Standing Together Against Racism.

* Celebrating the progress made of 25 years.

* Recognising racism is still with us.

* Expressing hope for future change.

Come and show your support to this pro-active and life affirming statement of positivity :- STAND TOGETHER AGAINST RACISM.