The CCG 10th Anniversary

The CCG 10th Anniversary

Apr, 6 2023

The Creative Communities Group is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The CCG was formed by Russell Hogarth and his colleagues in recognition of his 2012 University Honorary Fellowship.

Russell humbly acknowledged the input from the members and the strength of the group over the last decade, “The CCG members are all very proud of our philanthropic, voluntary organisation and the contribution that we are making in society and to education by supporting active citizenship, lifelong learning and empowered citizens.

The Creative Communities Group has been doing an amazing job over the last 10 years in connecting universities with local communities, helping to build social capital and collaborative partnerships.       

CCG members believe in the power of partnerships and how working together can transform communities and educational institutions.

Working closely with a local community partner can achieve more than can be done alone, as communities can tap into different knowledge sets to generate and expand new understandings of social problems and situations – they alone, know what needs to be achieved in their own backyard, and the CCG listens, advises and supports worthwhile causes without judgement or agenda.”

Russell would like to thank all the CCG members who have given their time, voluntarily over the last 10 years and for all their help and support. We wouldn’t be here today without your hard work and dedication.

A special thank you goes to Nigel Farnworth for managing The Creative Communities Group. The CCG have received many letters of support and recognition over the years, for which they are very appreciative.

The CCG network has over 300 national and international members, with representation across:-

  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Nigeria
  • Hong Kong
  • The Caribbean
  • Ukraine
  • China
  • Canada
  • America.

For more information, click on the CCG website link (

In 2020 the Creative Communities Group (CCG), which runs events throughout the year to raise awareness of important issues around discrimination and inspire people to get involved in the common good through visual and performing arts, was handed an International EU SOLIDAR Silver Rose Award.

The Group won the Building Learning Societies - Education and Lifelong Learning category after being nominated by Professor Romesh Gupta OBE. The Silver Rose Awards are held annually in the European Parliament by SOLIDAR, a worldwide network of civil society organisations, in co-operation with the Socialists and Democrats group.

Professor Gupta said: “The CCG focuses on visual and performing arts, great stories and narratives to inspire others to ‘make a difference’ through lifelong learning and active citizenship. Members raise awareness of important issues and inspire others to get involved in the common good.

“The Group has been doing an amazing job over the years in connecting universities with the local community, helping to build social capital and collaborative partnerships.
Congratulations on the Silver Rose award.”

The Creative Communities Group celebrated their 10th anniversary in style by organising the annual one billion rising dance event, which takes place every February and is part of a global movement that enables people to stand together, in peaceful protest against violence towards women and girls.

“V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls started by author, playwright and activist Eve Ensler. On 14 February each year, in the centre of Preston, we stand together in solidarity to raise awareness of the one billion and rising violent attacks against women and children.”

The CCG first brought this event to Lancashire nine years ago and have held it in the centre of the city, in the local university and in the very heart of our community. This year the CCG teamed up with award-winning inclusive dance company DanceSyndrome.

The one billion rising dance routine was again co-ordinated by World Salsa Dance champion Phil Kaila, Salsa Northwest and the video and photographs courtesy of Denise Swanson.

Discover more about the One Billion Rising movement by visiting the following website link  (

Russell Hogarth (Chair of the international Creative Communities Group) expressed his joy in response to the combined celebrations,