Spotlight on CCG Members - Arnold Gangaidzo - December 2022

Spotlight on CCG Members - Arnold Gangaidzo - December 2022

Dec, 1 2022

Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger. Therefore, how we look after our bodies now will mean they’ll stand a better chance in our senior years.

Take for example, our teeth. When we were children we were told by our parents not to eat too many sweets or they’ll rot your teeth. Perhaps as we became teenagers we had to adapt to the fitting of an uncomfortable brace. And as adults many of us have had our wisdom teeth removed which can be an extensive operation.

This month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ is no stranger to the concept of teeth, in-fact he specialises in them.

Let us discover more about Preston based Arnold Gangaidzo.

Ten years ago he was studying at the University of Leicester on a Medical Physiology course. By 2013 he graduated but his interest in medical matters didn’t stop there. Quite soon after his time at Leicester he embarked on a degree in Dentistry.

In the 5 years since his graduation Arnold has been working as a qualified dentist in the Lancashire region.

He wanted to help young people aspire to become dentists like him though. So Arnold started out visiting primary and secondary schools introducing them to dentistry.

As time went on he decided to initiate DentalMentorUK – an organisation which aims to support students in their application to dental school.

Arnold is also the proud co-founder of Meettheowner and his long term goal is to become a dental practice owner and his work with DentalMentorUk and MTO is developing the skills needed to become successful in business.

He is reaping the benefits of having MTO he explains in his closing paragraph:-

“MTO allows me and the other co-founders to explore the traits found in thriving businesses as well as share these on a digital platform so that others may also benefit.”

So one day your next dental appointment could be with Arnold, just make sure it’s not at tooth hurty!

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger