Spotlight on CCG Members - Hugo Labat - October 2022

Spotlight on CCG Members - Hugo Labat - October 2022

Oct, 3 2022

The brain is a highly complex and fascinating part of the human body. You can train it to overcome any challenge or obstacle in your life. Given time you can become a master at anything. This is collectively called neuroscience and there is a strong link between this and how our minds work and respond to anxiety.

This month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ is Mauritian born medical student Hugo Labat and he specialises in the opening paragraph.

Hugo is currently studying at UCLAN on a medicine course whilst simultaneously completing an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Sheffield.

He is convinced there is a close bond between neuroscience and psychiatry. This has led him to teach those who share his notions towards this concept.

‘The Neuroscience of Psychiatry’ is an innovative discussion which has seen the following people attend his engaging lecture:-

  • Medical students
  • Psychiatric consultants
  • PhD candidate

Hugo spoke recently at The South Yorkshire Grand Round ( Neuroscience Update) on 06/07/22. It was an ideal opportunity to introduce professional GP’s throughout a series of stages of training to the idea of Computational Psychiatry, with a real emphasis on its paradigm-shifting potential.

With his vast knowledge on this subject it has enabled him to have an air of confidence representing School President of the UCLAN School of Medicine and Vice President of the UCLAN Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres Society.

His experience in these areas provides the CCG with a little medical class yet his humble outlook gives him the approachable connection which allows us all to get to know him in a friendly and uplifting environment.

Check out his linkedin page here:-

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