Woody's Lodge for Veterans of Armed Services

Woody's Lodge for Veterans of Armed Services

Jul, 9 2021

It may be argued that that those that serve out country in the military and our emergency services, deserve special consideration and support. Military service has many positives but there can be challenges for some and the national charity ‘Woodys Lodge’ seeks to overcome those challenges through providing a space and time. The charity has recently been on ITV news with one employee/veteran undertaking a grueling 85-mile fundraising walk from the south Wales to west Wales hub. What is even more remarkable is that Steve Owen is an amputee due to injuries received from service in Afghanistan. Woodys Lodge provides crucial recovery time as these brave men and women consider the next stage in your life. 


News has been announced that funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust’s Positive Pathways grant has meant that the wheels are now in motion to create a wellbeing retreat centre in North East Wales. 


A number of activities will be available to those using the hub. These include - 

  • Photography
  • Angling 
  • Cycling 
  • Archery 
  • Mindfulness
  • Art 
  • Camping
  • Nature events
  • Gardening 
  • Bee Keeping 
  • Hill Walking

To give you an insight into this new hub, please watch this short film:- https://youtu.be/QKuIMwJ01p4

The hub will be called Ty Gwalia and CCG member Dr. Richard Mottershead has been instrumental in providing the facility which will now support communities in north Wales. It will serve as a communications and social venue for veterans of the armed forces, serving reservists, emergency service personnel along with their families. 


Ty Gwalia will provide a safe space to provide interact with others and access a wide a range of health and social connections, now more than ever so important since the covid 19 pandemic.  


To find out they can help, please go to the following website link:-



You may also wish to read a fuller overview of the work designed for veterans at this website link:-https://www.woodyslodge.org/ty-gwalia/


Ty Gwalia is the fourth regional hub, which demonstrates that it has a strong track record of creating sustainable hubs for the good of all those involved. It is the belief of Dr. Richard Mottershead who is a Mental Health Practitioner and former Commissioned Officer that collectively, we are stronger together and that there is a moral obligation to support those that have served our countries both in our Armed Forces and those in emergency services who have been so crucially important throughout this pandemic. 

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger