An Evening with Margaret Humphreys 'Oranges and Sunshine'

An Evening with Margaret Humphreys 'Oranges and Sunshine'

Mar, 17 2021


Join BASW on Thursday March 18th for a very special evening event. Margaret Humphreys will join us to talk about her work with former child migrants and the discovery that led to the uncovering of lost identities.

A special virtual screening of the film ‘Oranges and Sunshine’

BASW Heritage Project World Social Work Month event ‘An Evening with Margaret Humphreys’ is taking place on the March 18th 18.30pm to 21.30pm.
2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the critically acclaimed film ‘Oranges and Sunshine’ about forced child migrancy to Australia. It is adapted from Margaret Humphreys book, ‘Empty Cradles’ and was the first film by Director Jim Loach. The film focuses on experiences of child migrants to Australia and Margaret’s journey as she sought justice.

A special virtual screening of the film will take place on 18th March to support this year’s BASW World Social Work Month and the theme ‘Ubuntu’: I am because We Are – a powerful message of solidarity emphasising the need for people to come together for a sustainable, fair, and equitable future, a theme evident throughout the film.

Jim Loach, film director ‘Oranges and Sunshine’

‘Oranges and Sunshine was my first film, and so it holds a very special place in my heart. When you set out to make a film, it is always a long journey into the night, with just a torch to find the way and a passion to tell the story. It was truly my good fortune to go on that journey with Margaret and the many former child migrants we were introduced to. They (and Margaret, although she will forbid me from saying so!) became heroes to us - and heroes in the film. We expected to meet people who carried the scars of the experiences that had been handed down to them as children, but we could never have expected the warmth, the care, the generosity of spirit and the humour that they showed us too. It was an unforgettable, unrepeatable experience that changed all of us who made the film. 

I am delighted to be asked to attend this event, especially coming as it does as the tenth anniversary of the initial UK release of Oranges and Sunshine. I remember with gratitude and fondness the support that the BASW showed the film, and the enthusiasm to engage in the issues it raises. I’m looking forward to the screening and hearing what the members have to say afterwards.’ 

The Child Migrants Trust supports former child migrants to reclaim their identities and reunite with family in the UK and many other countries.

Every child should have a chance to be safe and happy and have a clear sense of their identity. It has been 11 years since the British government’s national apology for its role in misguided child migrant schemes and lessons are still being learned.

Margaret’s work is an excellent illustration of making a positive difference what this looks like for individuals and families.

Dr Margaret Humphreys CBE, AO will be joined by the film’s director, Jim Loach, at the special BASW event held on 18th March 2021. It is free for BASW members, with an option to donate to the Child Migrants Trust.


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