Blackpool's Mirrorball Gets a  Fresh New Look

Blackpool's Mirrorball Gets a Fresh New Look

Nov, 30 2020

The mirror ball trophy you see the winners of Strictly receive each year is not to scale compared with the one displayed on the seafront at Blackpool. The winners will no doubt treat it kindly and polish it from time to time until the next season. Like the life size one it needs ongoing maintenance to make sure it never loses its colour, shape and overall appeal for locals and for tourists who frequent the town each year.
The 4.5 tonne ball has stood on the promenade since 2002. It was last restored in 2010. 
Now in 2020 it  is ready for a new look. All 47,000 tiles of the revolving seafront installation will be replaced by the council's team and students from Blackpool and the Fylde College.
It is  believed to be the sea air that have caused wear and tear on the treasured ball. Apparently it will be ready for the general public by summer 2021. 
Sources say it will cost a total of £60,000 to refurbish the ball taken from the council’s maintenance budget.  The work involved will see 1,000 tubes of tile adhesive applied to the ball. In addition, the internal bearings will be redone in order for the ball to fully rotate every minute. 
Councillor Gillian Campbell expressed these words of anticipation ahead of the recent news, 
“The town was looking forward to the mirror ball returning to sparkle for people to enjoy. Our natural environment is beautiful, but inevitably, the sea salt air takes its toll on the mirror tiles over a long period of time”
The work entitled, ‘They Shoot Horses, Don't They?’ - was created by artist Michael Trainor and takes its name from the 1969 film. The movie tells the story of a seaside dance marathon and its advertising poster featured a large mirror ball. This gives further clarity to Strictly’s usage of the mirror ball and it’s relevance on the show. 
Blackpool's giant mirror ball artwork is to be given its "sparkle" back by the Illuminations team, the town's council has said.
^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger