Spotlight on CCG Members - Katrice Horsley - November 2020

Spotlight on CCG Members - Katrice Horsley - November 2020

Nov, 4 2020

You could say this month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ is very much a Cinderella story. If you remember the tale Cinders goes from scrubbing  floors in a pair of dirty jeans to becoming a dazzling princess by the power of magic and of course a good story to boot. Which is where the comparison begins for Swedish based Katrice Horsley. Let us learn more about this fascinating person.

Katrice started out as a speech impaired selective mute. Over a series of years she transformed into the National Storytelling Laureate of the United Kingdom. Quite an achievement for someone whose language and vocal skills were limited.

It was this disability in her life that gave her the inspiration to create Narrative4Change. This was designed to enable people, organizations and communities to understand that they have a voice worth hearing and a story worth telling.

It has since become a powerful tool in the following five areas:-

  • Community Development
  • Organizational Change
  • Presentation Skills
  • Education
  • Personal Development

Katrice has been at the forefront of a pro-active movement which has seen her deliver and develop specialised training for a wide range of organizations from schools in the UK and Sweden to female craft-workers in Indonesia. She has also been a high public figure at a variety of conferences giving confident and self assured inspirational and motivational talks to an appreciative audience.

To add to her credible profile, Katrice also works with business organizations by helping them create strong strategic narratives and powerful brand identities. 

Her publications include:

  • The Evaluator's Cookbook (Routledge)
  • The Small Creature (aa award winning bereavement resource for the British Heart Foundation)
  • Storytelling Conflict and Diversity Community Development Journal OUP.

Katrice’s current career title is “international narrative consultant and performance storyteller”. You may wish to access the following website which goes into further depth about the work that Katrice

Like in the fairytale story, Cinderella found her place in society as a princess. She fought her way through the ridicule of the ugly sisters and eventually had a voice. Katrice understands what it is to be voiceless. Her personal experience means she can bring so much more to her career which has already changed so many lives and will no doubt continue you to do so.  

From your fellow members of the CCG, we are privileged to have you on board and look forward to learning more about your narrative.

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger