The CCG Picture-Book - Episode 5 '2016'

The CCG Picture-Book - Episode 5 '2016'

Jul, 11 2020

Welcome to episode 5 of ‘The CCG Picture-Book 2012- 2020’. This week I’ll be focusing my attention on the year 2016.

Four years ago on a spring March day an event took place which united the community over an unfortunate debate that is still prevalent in 2020.

It was Preston’s schoolchildren that helped to deliver a powerful message about race in an event which was co-organised by UCLAN and the Lancashire County Council.

Stand Together Against Racism (STAR) presented 130 pupils from the following institutions:-

  • Broughton High School
  • Ashton Community Science College
  • Our Lady's Catholic High School
  • Fulwood Academy

These children of tomorrow were engaged in a stirring choir to mark the the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The choir sang out against racism led by musical director Joe Martin and musicians from More Music.

The 53 Degree venue was host to this prestigious event and students from Our Lady's Catholic High School and Ashton Community Sports College performed a drama and dance rendition. Preston Youth Council gave a rousing talk about anti-racism.

Our very own Russell Hogarth contributed to the planning stages of the event as UCLAN Pro Vice Chancellor Lynne Livesey explains,

 “It was a pleasure to welcome LCC and the Stand Together Against Racism initiative to the University. Russell Hogarth and his colleagues from the UCLAN Creative Communities group (CCG) played a key role in helping to organize the event working alongside our University staff, students and community members.”

In addition to the CCG the following two organizations were appropriately acknowledged,

  • Lancashire County Council's Children and Young People’s Service
  • The Racial Equality Council

Not forgetting the children and their families who should all be applauded and acknowledged for their contributions.

Lancashire County Councillor Yousuf Motala expressed these words back in 2016 and his thoughts on the event going forwards,

“The Standing together against Racism event hosted by UCLAN that I attended on Friday evening proved to be both a spectacular and amazing evening. I sincerely hope that it will become an annual showcase event so that other towns and cities can learn from Preston's example and see that the people are united in their efforts to ensure that Lancashire remains a harmonious place to live, thrive and is a warm and welcoming place for all.”

His hopes were realized as the STAR event has continued to be an annual date in the calendar each March. It has helped to raise awareness of racial equality in an unequal world. Both with captivating performances and moving speeches it has changed the focus of how we see and view others of a different race. This year it just missed out on the organised event because of the corona virus but it hopes to return in 2021.

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger