The CCG Picture- Book Episode 4 - 2015

The CCG Picture- Book Episode 4 - 2015

Jul, 4 2020

Welcome to episode 4 of ‘The CCG Picture –book – 2012- 2020’. This week I’ll be highlighting the year 2015.

Every year UCLAN plays host to the Diversity Conference. The diversity fringe event preludes the conference and in 2015 a very special guest joined the bill.

Guitarist Aziz Ibrahim is better known for performing with The Stones Roses but he has also shared a stage with the following musicians:-

  • Ian Brown
  • Paul Weller
  • Simply Red

Earlier in 2015, Chair of the CCG  Russell Hogarth contacted Aziz in the hope that he could represent the UCLAN Creative Communities Group as he is also a member. It seemed fitting because the event was organized by the CCG.

Aziz expressed these words back in 2015 and the privilege of doing a live set,

“I was delighted when Russell Hogarth asked if I could support the UCLAN Creative Communities Group at the diversity fringe event. It's going to be a pleasure performing on the night to an audience of UCLAN students, staff and community members”.

Aziz didn’t disappoint and neither did a series of stall holders who were available for anyone seeking valuable advice:-

  • Circle Counselling
  • The National Forum for Health and Wellbeing
  • The eating disorder charity Seed.

It was a fantastic evening in which musicians, artists and representatives from health organizations, business and the local community had the common theme of promoting and supporting positive health and wellbeing.

Aziz continues in his personal reflection on mental health and music,

“Mental health awareness and promoting mental health wellbeing is very close to my heart as we have sadly lost a number of talented people in the music business as a result of mental health disorders.”

Speaking in late 2015 University Honorary Fellow Russell Hogarth had the following to say on the charity based performance Aziz kindly contributed to at The Diversity Fringe event,

“Aziz is a fellow member of the UCLAN Creative Communities Group network and we are delighted that he is giving his time freely to support mental health awareness along with a number of local contributors; their much appreciated support will certainly help to make this event a success."

Russell stressed the significance of the night by highlighting some key words and encouraged all to attend,

“The UCLAN Creative Communities Group places a great emphasis on being inclusive and supportive to all members of the community; not just internally here at the University, but on a wider scale. I hope people can come along to campus on the 26 November to enjoy themselves and also help us to raise awareness of some very important issues.”

For more information on the guitarist Aziz Ibrahim you may wish to visit the following

Former Stone Roses guitarist supported mental health awareness at UCLAN with free gig-26/11/15

^Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger