Becky Higham

Becky Higham

Location: Preston | UK

I’ve been teaching Zumba for nearly 5 years, I started off teaching a dance class as I wasn’t a qualified Zumba instructor and I had a great relationship with people at the gym.

 Becoming a Zumba instructor was the best decision ever for me. After a year or so teaching at the gyms and covering too, I decided to set up my own freelance community classes.

 It was tough, I was literally going to quit as I was getting around 5/6 people in and 3 of them where family! My parents told me to keep at it- and I did! I tried every type of advertising going and 4 years later I am getting over 100 beautiful people in 2 hours. 

 I love teaching, I love looking off the stage and seeing the smiles and happiness on people’s faces! I hear on a regular basis how my classes literally improve people’s lives and how amazing they feel, and their overall health is improving. They bring their Children and get fit together. 

 For me to have my community classes and reach out to men women children and even more amazing for people to come with learning difficulties and disabilities, my class proves that with the right instructor anyone can Zumba. 

Why I first started teaching Zumba is a little deep and a different story but shows how you can turn a negative situation into something positive with the right support.

I am running a zumbathon for baby beat appeal @ RPH on Saturday 11th July, 2020. I have taken this event on myself and will be working with the charity and I will personally be raising as much money as I possibly can for this event.