Samera Afza

Samera Afza

Location: Preston | UK

During, my 4 years at the BBC I have developed on my journalism, digital, social media and editorial skills. 


I represent the new generation as a south Asian female artist, and want to demonstrate the true diverse young face of the UK, and uncover poignant narratives that take people on a journey of insight and education. I want to harness the skills I have, to grow and expand it further opening discussion into topics that I am passionate about. I want to effectively use my creativity to open perceptions and provide wider outlooks, bringing stories to light and bringing inspiration to the wider world through connecting communities and getting involved in social work. 


I have a diverse range of experience and skills from travel, working abroad, volunteering and have a genuine  interest in a range of issues. I am passionate in doing more to help people and create impactful work. 


I have an active and curious mind where I am a member of a parkour club, a sporadic climber and attend a spoken word group among many other diverse life experiences I have. I love adventure sport and nature! Where I travel to learn and understand the anthropology of humans, having lived with tribes and cultures whilst absorbing the natural beauty of the world :) “