Meet the Owner (MTO)

Meet the Owner (MTO)

Location: Preston | UK

Meet The Owner (MTO) 

Aspiring entrepreneurs with an innate desire to learn and a mission to add value to others through, our search for the key qualities found in successful business owners. As we encounter unique stories full of inspiration and motivation we strive to implement what we learn to become successful entrepreneurs together with our MTO following.

Who are we?

MTO is a digital organisation created to inspire and share knowledge through the stories of business owners at various stages of business. Alongside this, MTO intends to boost the profile of businesses through video.

What do we do?

We create video content of people who are currently active in the business with the aim of inspiring a varied audience of business stakeholders. Our content is based around the business owners sharing information about their business journey with some personal insights. Our content also includes business experts who will share information on various aspects of becoming successful business owners.  

For businesses we create high quality video content that helps then connect with their customer. By taking time carefully understand what a business desires to communicate to their customers, we are able to express that through promotional video footage.


Our inspirational content is aimed at people who currently are in business, aspire to go into business or are indifferent about whether business is for them. Our promotional content is aimed at businesses wanting to engage with their customers.


We believe that every human being was created with gifts and those gifts are intended add value to another’s life.

Mission statement

Add value to someone who can then go and add value to someone else.

Instagram: @meetheowner