Spotlight On CCG Members :- Professor Russell Gurbutt

Spotlight On CCG Members :- Professor Russell Gurbutt

Dec, 7 2017

~~Imagine working on sea looking after the troops in the 1970’s war era. Contrast that with care work as a qualified nurse in the 1980’s. The two seem worlds apart but it’s these early beginnings that shaped the modern day career of this week’s Spotlight on CCG Members.

The focus for December is Russell Gurbutt.  Russell began his work life in 1977 as a Royal Navy Artificer. Throughout the latter 70’s and into the early 80’s he quickly climbed the navy ranks and by 1982 he was made watch keeping officer and navigator. He was to learn essential skills in both leadership and management development that would enable him to move forward to the next stage in his life.

Switching careers must have taken a lot of planning and organisation but switch Russ did and, having left the Royal Navy in 1982 he went onto to work in the NHS in mental health. By 1988 he qualified his place as a General Nurse with Distinctions across the board. Again, he rapidly climbed the NHS ranks and was ultimately promoted to ward manger which saw him undertake a variety of clinical services including, Acute Medicine, Stroke care, Elderly medicine, day surgery and outpatient services. Similar to his work in the Navy, Russ successfully capitalised on his time in the NHS and learnt further skills  in management and leadership.

By the late 1990s Russ was exploring the realm of Higher Education which saw him undergo course leadership and phd studies (decision making). In 2006 and 2013 he studied post doctoral work in Canada. He currently holds a teaching fellowship at Leeds University and also work with the OU.

His previous experience working for the NHS has given him the confidence and knowledge to operate a healthcare consultancy for Scottish Charities and he has also worked as a quality manager for a national charity.

December 2017, Russell is currently a Teaching Professor at The University of Bolton and his other interests aside from The Royal Navy, The NHS and Education is creating published texts based on his career so far including online education.

Professor Russell Gurbutt has strived to make a difference  over his four year career. He continues to be involved in management, leadership and e-learning.

His wealth of experience, knowledge and approach to work will no doubt be an excellent learning curve and inspiration for his fellow work colleagues and fellow members of the CCG.

We warmly welcome, Professor Russell Gurbutt.

^Alex Ashworth.