Un-convention Music Meeting. The Ferret. Preston

Un-convention Music Meeting. The Ferret. Preston

Nov, 18 2015

~At the turn of the century bands such as Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Keane were making their way onto the music scene. Local music, however was still taking shape.

In 2008 an initiative called Un-Convention was founded in Manchester. The idea was to meet together and discuss the local music scene  and it’s impact on music fans. It wasn’t long before this snowballed into an additional 78 other countries that quickly  got on the bandwagon and favoured the concept. Places including Swansea and Belfast and Sao Paolo and Brisbane.

Recently, Preston took this meeting under it’s wings and held it’s first official discussion about local music in general on Monday November 2nd 2015. It took place at The Ferret ( formerly The Mad Ferret ) on Fylde Road at 6pm. It was free to attend and anyone could contribute, the condition only being they would have to have an interest in local music.The first week they discussed the strengths and weaknesses of Preston’s music scene.

Martin Rawlinson, chair of the monthly meetings spoke of the positive effect the group will have for musicians and music fans alike,

“As an artist myself and active in the local scene, I feel this can only do good things. We face a lot of challenges as musicians so being a part of an active community can only serve to benefit everyone who’s involved.”

It’s not just the local community that become inspired by these meetings.  Across the world similar meetings are taking place. Abroad, Ethiopia and
India have got involved too.

Jeff Thompson, co- founder of Un-Convention speaks of his enthusiasm about the dynamic way these groups are reaching far out lands and the importance of what it means to local talent as well,

“We’re really excited about this new network of meet up groups, not only as the groups will hopefully act as an important focal point for those involved in independent music scenes, but also because they’ll link people passionate about music across the UK, and indeed around the world, in a new and unique way.”

Jeff and Martin have been involved in other cultural events across the city before and they hope this conference will create the same buzz and excitement  that other events have produced.


The next monthly meeting will take place on Monday 7th December 2015 6pm at The Ferret. The meetings aim to help music communities to work together, support each other and encourage others into the music scene.

If you’d like to get involved then come along and help to contribute to the future of Preston’s live music scene.