Hustlers Convention :- UCLAN :- Tuesday 16th June 2015 At 7.30pm

Hustlers Convention :- UCLAN :- Tuesday 16th June 2015 At 7.30pm

Jun, 10 2015

When some people think of the word ‘convention’ it conjurs up a gathering perhaps a collective of people come together to unite at an exhibition of a cult science fiction programme or a highly talented  artists work.

‘Hustlers Convention’, however was an album that changed the face of music. Rap in particular and the forgotten roots of its genre. America reacted positively to the record and it is still widely regarded today.

This successful album has been interpreted into a documentary film. Chuck D  ( of Public Enemy fame) helped in producing the life and times of Jalal Mansur Nuriddin of The Last Poets and his seminal album ‘Hustlers Convention’.

The University of Central Lancashire on Fylde Road Preston is pleased to announce they will be screening it at the Mitchell and Kenyon cinema in the Foster building. Directed by Mike Todd and lasting just over an hour and a half this rap biopic will be shown at 7.30pm on Tuesday 16th June 2015. It will be free admission with an opportunity to network at 5pm.

Expect animation sequences throughout the film as well as exclusive footage from the iconic Blaxploitation films of the era and historical archive from that period too.

Jalal Nuriddin, Malik al Nasir ( Liverpool ) will be there on the night as will special guests who will take to the floor to deliver their own take on hip hop performance art. There will also be a series of Q and A’s taking place after the film as well.

‘Hustlers Convention’ targets the deep roots of rap music in the form of
the Jail Toast, rhymed storytelling  filled with larger than life characters.

In the words of Fab Five Freddy, ‘Hustlers Convention is ‘the greatest toast of them all’.

This is an evening not to be missed.